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A personal project developed in the context of the 2021 Feminist Futures Hackathon organised by the Feminist Design Lab. I decided to work in the problem space of Financial Inclusion, researching the consequences of the gender pay gap, which translates into a home-buying gap (men can afford 10% more of the properties currently for sale in the UK), a pensions gap (there is a 40.3% gap in pension savings between women and men), and the investing gap (52% of UK women have never owned any investments, compared to 37% of men).


02 Personal project-min
01 Personal project-min

Selected work

Company of thingsUX/UI, Branding

CityscapeUX/UI, Branding

Building CentreUX/UI, Branding

Commissioned by youUX/UI, Branding

Yarrow FilmsUX/UI, Branding

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